Generations Management

Prior Companies

Cold Stone Creamery of Traverse City

In 2002, the franchise rights for Cold Stone Creamery were acquired for Traverse City, Michigan.  From unique ice cream creations to smoothies, cakes and shakes, it starts with using the highest quality ingredients and ends with Cold Stone’s signature process for preparing custom creations on a frozen granite stone.  The store is operated out of its Traverse City downtown location.

CPI Products

Acquired in 1994, CPI was involved in the engineering and manufacturing of end-arm tooling components and systems.  Under our ownership, CPI received Six Sigma and ISO 9000 certification.  Products were sold worldwide to a number of stamping industries, including the automotive, aerospace and appliance industries, where we consistently met the needs of some of the most demanding manufacturers in the world.  We grew the company significantly under our ownership until it was sold to De-Sta-Co, a Dover company, in 2000.


Pavlova Spa Salon

Pavlova has maintained a 25 year reputation as Northern Michigan's foremost European Salon and Spa.  Located in downtown Traverse City, Michigan, Pavlova strives to offer their clientele the very best, embodying beauty, health, pampering and relaxation.


Top Tire

Top Tire was formed in 1998.  Generations partnered in this venture with a family member who had a very successful career within the industry.  Top Tire provides quality products and excellent customer service to a previously un-served area in northern Michigan.  Although Generations has exited its ownership position the business continues to thrive.